Login & Account Information:

1. How can I login?
2. What should be done if I'm having trouble logging in?
3. How to update my account information?
4. If I don't use my +You Club account, will it be deactivated? Till when can I use the account?
5. What kinds of updates do I get through WhatsApp?
6. If I face any issues, how can I contact +You Club support?

General queries:

7. Can I buy multiple Gift cards together?
8. How can I check all the items that I have added to the cart?
9. Where can I see my purchased Gift Card Details?
10. What should I do if I reach my purchase limit?
11. What is an Instant Discount?
12. How do I know the amount of cashback credited and my transaction details?
13. Maximum how many Gift Cards or Coupons can I purchase?
14. Is there any maximum limit for buying a Gift Card?
15. Can I use my cashback to purchase another brand Gift Card?
16. Can I use both Gift Cards and Coupons together?
17. Where do I find a particular Gift Card and its details?
18. How can I redeem my cashback?
19. Can I cancel my Coupon/ Gift Card?

+You Club Support Center

20. How do I contact the customer support team?
21. Where can I raise a support ticket?
22. Do I need to create an account in the +You Support Center to raise a support ticket?
23. How to create an account in the +You Club Support Center?
24. How will I know my Support Center account is created?
25. How to create a support ticket?
26. Why do I see "Access denied" when I try to sign in to +You Club Support Center?
27. When will the customer support team respond to my ticket?
28. Where can I check the status of my ticket?


29. What should I do if my Gift Card or Coupon is not working?
30. What should I do if a Gift Card is not generated?
31. What happens if payment has been made from your account and the gift card is not generated?
32. How much time will it take to get my refund?

About +You Club:

33. What does +You Club offer?
34. What are shopping ideas?
35. Do I need to pay to use +you Club offers?
36. How do I find a specific brand?


37. What are the steps for KYC?
38. What is KYC? Why do I need to complete KYC?
39. What is the minimum amount of purchase that can be made without completing KYC?
40. What do I need to verify before submitting a KYC request?
41. What documents are required to complete the KYC?
42. How long will it take for KYC verification?
43. How will I know if my account is upgraded?
44. Why was my KYC rejected?
45. I am unable to upload the KYC documents on +You Club.